Akihabara - Endless Heaven

For a non-Japanese, many things are strange and unusual in Japan, but Akihabara is even more different. Maybe you've heard about it or seen pictures, but this is a place you have to experience. It's incredible. Named as »Electric Town« by the Japanese, Akihabara has everything you can imagine in new and old electrical appliances. Other shops have specialized in accessories or retro computer games.

At the same time, Akihabara is a popular meeting place for anime and manga fans, the so - called Otaku. In this shopping district, they will also find everything the heart desires. There are countless small shops for manga, cosplay accessories, model making and maid cafes. Buying second-hand toys is also very easy. There are many special locations for that. Some of them even on several floors.

As a music for the Akihabara video I wanted »Endless Heaven« by Karsten Koch. Unfortunately, the original tune was much too short for my purposes and I have re-recorded the entire piece in Logic X. The melody was recorded by a Nordlead A1 synthesizer. All other instruments and drums are Logic X software instruments.