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Anime Song List - April 2024

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A long overdue update to our ever growing list of anime songs. Frieren: Beyond Journey's End, Brave Bang Bravern, Gushing over Magical Girls, The Witch and the Beast, Metallic Rouge, Solo Leveling and The Unwanted Undead Adventure

Hane-Ame 雨波 Christmas Special

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Today, I've got something special -- the Hane-Ame 雨波 Christmas unboxing extravaganza! Let's unwrap this treasure trove. The box itself is a masterpiece, and inside, we've got a keychain, a 2024 calendar featuring Hane-Ame, a festive Christmas card and some nice photobooks.

Lewd Anime Stickers from Hellsend

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In this brief and exciting video, you can join me as I a tantalizing package from the USA sent by a company called Hellsend. Inside, we discover a collection of lewd anime girl stickers that are sure to pique your interest.

Mysterious NieR Automata: 2B Lingerie Figure

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Now, lemme tell you, this place was like something straight out of a movie. It looked like a pawn shop, but there was zero order or structure. It was a jumble of strange items from all over the world, just scattered all over the place. But then, something catches my eye, and I just had to know. So, I turn to the owner and ask, "Who's that girl over there? You know, between the Chinese dragon and Bruce Lee."

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