Unboxing and review of the Classic Iron Man from Diamond Select Gallery

In this video we will take a closer look at the classic Iron Man from Diamond Select Toys
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heds unboxing classic iron man stature

Unboxing and review DC ComicsPoison Ivy 1/10 Scale ArtFX+ Statue

In this video we will take a look at Poison Ivy from the Kotobukiya ArtFx+ line of figures.


Unboxing and review Venom - 1/10 scale by Kotobukiya ArtFx+

In this video we will take a look at Venom, the latest addition from the Kotobukiya ARTFX+ line of Spider-Man related characters.
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heds unboxing kotobukiya marvel venom video

Tokyo Travel - A Trip to Akihabara - Photo Gallery

Finally I found a way to include my flickr photo albums in this website. The first things I want to show today are pictures from my trip to Akihabara, Tokyo.
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Sign of Akihabara Subway Station

Unboxing and review Spider-Man 2099 - 1/10 scale by Kotobukiya ArtFx+

The Spider-Man 2099 is another figure from Kotobukuiyas series of Spider-Man related characters. This is not just the regular Spider-Man in a different costume but a different character by the name of Miguel O’Hara. His story takes place in the distant future. In the year 2099. Spider-Man 2099 was created by Peter David and Rick Leonardi.
Like most of the Kotobukiya figures these days the Spider-Man has to be assembled since his body comes in pieces. But that shouldn’t be to complicated. Also included is a metal base. That will work perfectly with the magnets in the feet of the figure.

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unboxing spider-man 2099 kotobukiya

German Comic Con Dortmund 2017

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gcc dortmund 2017 video

Review Marie Mamiya from the hentai anime Starless - 30cm PVC Figure - NSFW

In this video we will take a look at the stunning Marie Mamiya from the Japanese hentai anime Starless. There is also a video game of the same name. I bought this figure second hand so there is not much I can tell you about where it did come from. But as just will see there are two big reason to buy this figure. But only if you are into this kind of stuff. If you haven’t watched Starless yet I am not sure if I should recommend it to you. It is very special. Things are a bit different in Japan.
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Heds unboxing Marie Mamiya From Starless video

Interview with cosplayer Cheryl aka Whoanerdalert

The breathtaking Cheryl is without a doubt one of the most exciting cosplayers from southern California. Fortunately, she agreed to give me a short interview.
All photos taken by Krypticframes
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cheryl aka whoanerdalert as huntress

Tokyo Travel - Along Sumida River - From Asakusabashi to Asakusa

It's been over a year since I've been in Japan, but not all of my videos have been edited yet. Most people probably think that Tokyo is a crowded metropolis, which never comes to rest, but the Japanese capital has other sides. There are many quiet districts with parks and temples where you can't feel the hectic pace of the big city. Our accommodation was in Asakusabashi, very close to the river Sumida and therefore ideal for a morning walk along the waterfront.
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Tokyo Travel Along the Sumida River video

Unboxing and review Carnage - 1/10 scale by Kotobukiya ArtFx+

The ARTFX+ line of figures from Kotobukiya keeps getting bigger and bigger and in this video we will take a look at the latest addition. Marvel Comics Carnage - One of Spider-Man most dangerous enemies! When compared to other Spider-Man villains like Doctor Octopus or the Green Goblin, Carnage is a very modern character. He was introduced in 1992 and became a fan favorite since then. Will this figure be up for the challenge to become a favorite too? Watch me unboxing and review this amazing figure of one of my favorite characters.
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Heds unboxing Kotobukiya Marvel Carnage Video