Hane-Ame 雨波 Christmas Special 2023

Three jaw-dropping photobooks! This time chrismas will be even better!


Let's unwrap this treasure trove. The box itself is a masterpiece, and inside, we've got a keychain, a 2024 calendar featuring Hane-Ame, a festive Christmas card, and some snazzy social media adverts.

But hold on, the real stars of the show -- not one, not two, but three jaw-dropping photobooks! The first one is sizzling hot; you can find it on HaneAme's website. The second is all about summer vibes and bikinis, making you feel like it's already beach season. And then, brace yourself for the Christmas lingerie edition -- naughty, nice, and incredibly cute!

Updated 2024-03-27
Tags: Cosplay, Anime, Hane-Ame 雨波, HaneAme, Video, Photobook

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