Hed's Vintage Iron Man Action Figure Collection by ToyBiz

In this video I will take you back to the past and tell you a little bit about myself. And I will show my vintage Iron Man collection from ToBiz.

It was the year 1994 when I started reading comics again. It was only a few months later when Iron Man came to the tv, And then the first wave of action figures were released from the so called "Marvel Action Hour". At first these figures were not available in Germany but I knew I had to get them. So I drove to a dealer specialised in importing toys from the U.S. It took me one and a half hour to get my first Iron Man and first War Machine figure. And then another one and a half hour to get back home again. For me it was the beginning of something big.
And now, many years later, I am making youTube Videos about it. When I bought this figures youTube wasn't even founded.

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