KPOP.FLEX - May 14. & 15. 2022

Deutsche Bank Park, Frankfurt, Germany

A KPOP festival in Germany. That sounds like a good idea at first. Many fans have long been waiting for just such an event. Big names like MAMAMOO, (G)I-DLE, MONSTA X or ENHYPEN were announced. So you better be there too! Unfortunately, we found out about the event very late, so only expensive seat tickets were available. Even more so in a package with a hotel room. Fortunately, exactly this combination turned out to be ideal. So off to Frankfurt we went.

However, after reading the first comments on social media about the event on Saturday, we quickly had our doubts. The complete organisation was apparently a mess. Long lines and overpriced drinks, you don't really want that. Complete chaos. Nevertheless, we went on our way.

Fortunately, Sunday was somewhat less problematic, at least for us with tickets for seats. Admission was fast and uncomplicated. Nevertheless, big deficit on the part of the organisers. No one knew where and when to go. It was announced, the times would be published on social media, but that was not the case for the Sunday. So eventually the gates opened and the crowd was let in the stadium. We took our seats. There was no real pre-show on Sunday, just a dance act and then a break. And then the concert started at some point. Allegedly some people even missed a part of the show.

Event planning is not a hobby that you do on the side! Although you don't really have to do much. Put up a few signs and brief people. Publish a schedule. All that would have helped a lot. It couldn't have been the location itself, the stadium holds a lot more people who want and and who all want to go home at the same time after a game. Fortunately, we had little to do with the traffic chaos. The hotel was very close to the stadium, so we could walk. However, the crowd at the station and the parking lots was not to be overlooked.

For us it was a hard day! In addition, we got up at 04:40 and were very exhausted in the evening. Well, the concert was fortunately already in the afternoon. Not the every best idea. Glow sticks and light effects doesn't work very well at daylight. The sound on the seats was miserable and as I learned in the meantime, it was not better on the standing places.

The artists did their best, that should be mentioned for the sake of fairness. Of course, one wishes for more interactions but we also don't know what hardships they have already had to endure. The performance of each group only about 20 minutes, which is extremely short. The concert was originally announced for five hours. The actual length was about half the time. In the end, one was glad to have seen the artists at all. This is very sad, because many fans have traveled from very far away. Often their flight were longer than the concert!

Whether you want to do that to yourself again next year, must be well considered. The organisers has already announced a new date. And they announced an additional event in London. Hopefully they will learn from thier mistakes. They should have received enough (negative) feedback to improve a lot.

(G)I‐DLE Setlist
Oh my god

AB6IX Setlist
1, 2, 3
Do You Remember

Kill This Love

IVE Setlist

KAI Setlist
To Be Honest

Um Oh Ah Yeah

MONSTA X Setlist
Love You
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Released 2022-05-17

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