Unboxing and review Iron Man Mark XLVI - Diecast Captain America Civil War by Hot Toys

In these two videos we will have a look at the Iron Man Mark 46 of Hot Toys.
It is a diecast model of the Iron Man as seen in the movie Captain America Civil War starring Chris Evans as Steve Rogers and Robert Downey jr. as Tony Stark. It is a great figure with a lot of details. The armor is dirty and has small scratches. It gives a very realistic look. It looks like a machine that is actually in use and has experienced better times. Unfortunately, there are no clean Iron Man from Hot Toys, at least not as an die cast molded figure.
In the second video I will show you where all the batteries go and there are plenty of them. With each new Iron Man, Hot Toys improved the quality of the figures. This time they also increased the number of batteries. Unfortunately there is no main switch for the figure with which you can switch on all lights at the same time. Instead, there are many small switches that are all hidden. Turning on all the lights is a lot of work.

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