Hed's unboxing

1/18 BBurago Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 Die Cast Model Car

Greetings car lovers!
Thanks for tuning in to another episode of »Hed's unboxing«. This time I have another supercar to show you. It is the Lamborghini Sian and I am very glad I can show it to you because I had to wait a long time.
As you can imagine I am not the kind of Youtuber who can afford a real Lamborghini. So I stick to model cars instead. This one was made by the company Bburago. And the people there did a very good you.
Recently Lamborghini started to put the number 63 on their cars. That is the year the company was founded. But for the Sian it is also the number of cars that will be build. Bburago on the other hand will build much more of them.

Released 2021-08-16
Tags: Bburago, Lamborghini, Die-Cast Scale Model Cars, Toys

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