Hane-Ame 雨波 - Marin Kitagawa - Cosplay Photobook

A wonderful calendar, indeed. With lots of beautiful pictures of Hane-Ame. Which one is your favourite?


Greetings my friends!

This time I have something very special I want to show you. A cosplay calendar! From the beautiful Hane-Ame 雨波.So you can spend all year with a beautiful girl. I also got two oversized mousepads. Tune and and have a look. I am very happy.

I am so glad I will be able to spend my year with Hane-Ame 雨波.

Released 2022-10-01
Tags: Cosplay, Anime, Hane-Ame 雨波, HaneAme, Dress Up Darling, Marin Kitagawa